A Hoop for the Addicts

We run a rehab center, which my dad started a decade ago when our elder brother was fighting addiction. Most of the family members have followed dad into working at the center. Together, we have been helping people fight this cancer of addiction. One of my jobs entails getting everything that we think can help the addicts. Like a prison, one of the most common commodities in a rehab center is time. It is our mandate to help the patients pass the time as busily as possible. We do this by engaging them in different activities. 

Recently, I discovered that a good number of patients at the center love basketball. I have seen just how excited they get when there is a basketball game on TV. I have asked several of them whether they would love to play and you can guess their answer.

It is for this reason that I am looking for the best basketball hoop. Precisely, I am looking for the best portable hoop so that we can use it when need be and take it back to storage when it is not in use. You can view details on ballersguide.net regarding portable, and indeed all types of basketball hoops.

If you live in a neighborhood that prohibits the installation of permanent in-ground hoops, you do not have to forego your game of basketball. You can get a portable hoop and play with it whenever you need to. When winter sets in, you just keep the hoop in storage to wait for spring.

Things to bear in mind when buying a portable hoop

When you are buying a portable basketball hoop, there are a few things to bear in mind. One of them is how the hoop will stand and stay upright. Of course, all of the support that this hoop gets comes from the base. The bigger the better, but at the same time, you really do not want a very big base that will give you trouble during storage.

The base of the hoop is filled with water. Thus, you will find an indication of the volume of water that it can take, in gallons. Usually, some of the portable hoops for basketball come with 27 gallon bases. This is good enough for any basketball hoop. Some will come with volumes bigger than that and others smaller than that. As long as it stands upright without the risk of toppling, it is fine.

Pole height

Look for a portable basketball hoop that has a telescoping pole. This makes it easy to adjust the height to suit different players. For example, children can do with a shorter hoop while taller adults would need a higher one. Usually, the hoop comes in 7 feet, which can be adjusted to 10 feet. This also applies to the other types of basketball hoops, so you can see it is not any different just because it is portable.

If you would like to know more about basketball hoops of all types, you can refer to https://www.ballersguide.net/best-in-ground-basketball-hoop-reviews/. For now, here are two portable basketball hoops for us:

Lifetime Pro Court Portable Hoop

Lifetime Pro Court Portable 42inches

This one is small enough for moving from place to place. After all, it has a base with a volume of 27 gallons. While there are some that come with as many as 55 gallons for the base, that does not mean that this is not any good. It also has a backboard of 44 inches, not too big but good enough for playing hobbyist basketball. The backboard is made of polycarbonate and the pole height can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.


  • Adjustable pole height
  • Good price
  • Backboard size and material is good
  • Not too hard to assemble


  • Base volume could be bigger

Silverback NXT basketball system

Silverback NXT Portable Height-Adjustable

As far as basketball systems go, this one is the most stylish of them all. It features a frameless backboard, which makes it stand out quite well. You can read about it and other basketball systems on ballersguide.net. It has an acrylic backboard, an adjustable pole and base volume of 35 gallons of water. While it is not too hard to set up, you will require some help.


  • Hoop is silent – never rattles when you play
  • Nice look with the frameless backboard
  • Parts are numbered for easier assembly
  • It is easy to change the height


  • It is expensive

Prevent Them From Falling

Since we bought our portable basketball hoops to keep the patients at our rehab center busy, we have been having a few issues, and that is how to keep the hoops steady on the ground. Portable hoops for basketball may be the best thing to happen in this game. However, we all know that a strong gust of wind will not leave it standing, that is, if you have not secured it to the ground well. This problem persisted with our hoops until I found a few solutions towards it. 

Here, I will share the tips with you so that you can keep your hoop secure:

Use sand in the base instead of water

Bags of sand

This is very important. Experts say that sand is almost 50 percent denser than water so it should keep your basketball hoop steady and stable on the ground. Thus, the base will be heavier with sand in it than when you fill it with water. This should be enough to keep it from falling over even in strong winds. In any case, manufacturers always recommend that you should use sand instead of water in the base, but many people do not heed this advice.  

Buy a portable hoop with a bigger base volume

It is only logical to expect that the bigger volume bases will take more material and as a result, they will be steadier on the ground as compared to the smaller ones. Thus, while a portable hoop with 27 liter base will cost less than one with 50 liters, well, it is much better to spend more and get more stability than otherwise. Besides, water turns into ice in winter and it expands. Sand says the same. However, if you already have a portable hoop with a smaller base, you can make the pole shorter in winter so that you can lower the center of gravity a bit and prevent the hoop from toppling over in winds.

Use anchors

Hoop anchor picture

This is one of the most secure ways for portable basketball hoops. It is also quite simple to do. All that you need to do is ground two anchors one to each side of the hoop base and then use a strap tied tight to the two anchors. This is very good for keeping the hoop secure even in strong winds because for it to topple, it would have to break the straps, which is quite impossible. It will take some work to drill the concrete or asphalt to secure the anchors. However, the reward is well worth it. 

Use special gel that is as heavy as sand

BaseGel is one of the most common products that is used for keeping basketball hoops stable. They say it is as heavy as 400 lbs of sand, and that is quite heavy! The secret with this type of gel is that it absorbs a lot of water, many times more than its weight. That is how it is able to keep the hoop stable, by adding more weight. It will take high velocity wind gusts to be able to topple the hoop over.

Avoid Injuries

We have already acquired the basketball hoops that we were looking for, after we realized that basketball would be quite helpful to the patients at our rehab center. Ok, I still cannot bring myself to call them addicts, but you get the drift. One of my jobs has been to find out what activities I can incorporate in the program to get them to overcome their addiction faster and that is why I bought the basketball gear. Thankfully, it has been working very well, helping our patients pass the time faster and keep them busy.

However, we have had to learn a lot about how to prevent injuries in basketball. This is a fast-paced, contact game, so we need to be quite keen to keep injuries away. It is not too hard to prevent such injuries from occurring.

Here, I will share a few tips for injury prevention with you:

Warm up before the game

Player inside the court exercising

Warming up is the most important things that you should know before taking any exerting exercise. Perhaps you have seen athletes prancing about, stretching their muscles before the big race. This “warms” up the blood, and gets the oxygen running to all of your muscles ready for the game at hand. When you stretch before a game of basketball, you will avoid tissue injuries.

Get a physical

You may look well outside but perhaps you have a weak heart or some other defect. Thus, you should get a physical so that you know you are ok to take this game. Basketball is an energy-intensive game, so you should not play it if you have a weak heart. Just get a physical exam from your doctor because medically fit players cannot sustain injuries easily.

Keep fit

Couple exercising in the park

If you are not physically fit, you are overweight and you find it hard to move fast, you will not enjoy your game. Thus, you need to keep fit even when you are off the court. One of the ways that you can do this is by embarking on a fitness routine that can keep you fit all the time. Fit people play better all the time, they do not get tired fast and they cannot sustain injuries faster.

Wear the right gear

You need to wear the right gear for playing basketball. The first and perhaps the most important gear is basketball shoes. They should specifically be made for playing on the court. They should have anti-slip soles, good ankle support and a comfortable interior. You also need knee pads and elbow pads. A mouth guard can certainly help prevent injuries, so wear it.

Do not play rough

When you are on the basketball court, always play fair. Rough play will get you injured and it will endanger the safety of the other players. Thus, always look out for your safety and that of the other players. Keeping safe is much better than winning, so ensure that you stay safe all the time and mind about the welfare of the other players. Remember, at the end of the game, you are still friends.

With these few safety tips, our patients have been able to avoid any major injuries and they so look forward to game days.

5 Ways Rehabilitation Helps a Person

Everyone has their challenges, for sure, but they are nothing compared to what people living with chronic illnesses or disability go through every day. From mental or emotional issues, acute pains to substance use disorders, these people require much support to recover and live well. And this is where rehabilitation therapists come in. It’s the therapist’s responsibility to support these loved ones to cope with the mental and physical challenges their conditions present. So, what virtues does rehabilitation give to the patients?

Ways Rehabilitation Helps Patients

Patients Learn to Live With their Conditions Positively

Usually, when a patient is going through a medical condition, he/she tends to keep their primary focus on the challenges. But after rehabilitation, they can look beyond their states. For example, drug addicts who initially couldn’t live without being under the influence can learn to live free of drugs. And while urges might still be present, they begin to have some clarity and some distance from the problem. Eventually, all the patients are able to live positively with their conditions.

Patients Learn to Socialize Freely

At the initial stages of a condition, patients will have challenges coexisting with others. For instance, those with chronic diseases think that they are abnormal. Again, in the case of drug addicts, they are likely to spend almost every social interaction intoxicated. But while in treatment, they live around other people who are also recovering. This helps them sober up, becoming accustomed to socializing freely. They also get to learn how to interact with the outside people when they leave the rehab centers.

They Learn to Live Happier

Certainly, no condition is painless, less frustrating or emotionally okay. Patients go through a lot, and mainly, the guilt and shame thinking they are abnormal. Some even start drug abuse due to depression, especially if they don’t get help soon. But from the experts’ advice, they learn to accept their challenges, manage their conditions, and most importantly, live a happier life. They may even forget what it was like to be unhappy.

They Gain a Clear Conscience

While in treatment, patients are encouraged to engage in activities such as prayer or meditation. They, therefore, learn to become much more in tune with their needs. These activities, along with the counseling sessions, help them become much more acutely aware of their thoughts and feelings. As such, rather than hiding your emotions, they learn to address them more clearly. Therefore, they are able to focus on reflection and positive thoughts.

Patients’ Self-esteem is Enhanced

Once they accept and learn to live with whatever condition they have, their moods quickly begin to stabilize. The depression and anxiety caused by the conditions diminish, and a sense of accomplishment is achieved. This significantly boosts their self-esteem that in turn dramatically increases their overall level of happiness.

Precisely, the goal of rehabilitation is to help patients improve the quality of their lives. They should understand the importance of exercise for health. Psychiatrists, therefore, incorporate all the positive virtues of life that can contribute to their patients’ wellness and recovery, from the support they receive from friends and family to their interpersonal relationships. Besides, they also ensure that their patients coexist well with the rest of the society.